Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Brazilian vs European Portuguese #2




Dublar vs Dobrar

Both refer to dubbing a film/tv show, etc.

Brazilians call it dublar (probably from the English term), while the Portuguese call it dobrar (literally, “to double” or “to fold”)

WoW! The Brazilian term looks spanish.

I know, right?!

It’s very common for that to happen, which makes learning one after knowing the other a double-edged sword - it’s easier to learn the basics but half the time you find yourself wondering “Oh damn, is that just me trying to make it sound like the other language or is that how it actually goes?”. Or using the wrong noun gender - when I lived in Cuba for 4 months I kept using “la” when asking for water because it’s a feminine noun in Portuguese. (The Cubans thought it was hilarious).

I’ve personally always felt that Brazilian Portuguese sounds/looks like Spanish with some French sounds thrown in (which is probably why it’s easier for Portuguese speakers to understand Spanish than the other way around - I think the nasal tones throw Hispanophones for a loop :P).  :)

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