Sunday, 24 January 2016

Brazilian Colloquialisms, Sayings, and Slang #95

Nariz de santo - Saint’s nose

Something that is done perfectly with as much care as possible; something you work on until it is absolutely its best.

Num tem que ser nariz de santo - It don’t have to be like a saint’s nose

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Num is a colloquial pronounciation of não (no)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Brazilian Colloquialisms, Sayings, and Slang #85



O que os olhos não veêm o coração não sente - What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel

A Brazilian saying somewhere between “what she/he doesn’t know wont hurt her/him” and “out of sight, out of mind”, as it can be used both in reference to oneself or to someone else.

In Italian it’s literally the same! It goes:“Occhio non vede, cuore non duole”, that is “(if your) eye doesn’t see, (your) heart doesn’t hurt”

Brazilian Colloquialisms, Sayings, and Slang #89



Dar pau - To stop working/ to go wrong

Literally, “it ended in a stick”.

Even more literally, “it gave [a] stick”

e.g. O computador deu pau outra vez! - The computer’s frozen/stopped working again!

And theres a interpratation, “Eu vou te dar um pau” that goes as a competitive context meaning “ I’m going to beat you down” ( in a frindly connotation) But be careful, if you just say it stading alone “Dar pau” could be easly became an erotical proposal since literaly translated “Dar” = to give and “Pau”= Stick,cock,dick ( could be ).

“Mummy, I’m feeling so ugly. What am I?” “Correct!”Literally, “Mummy, I’m feeling so ugly. What do I...