Friday, 22 April 2016

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Isn’t it curious how Brazilian media completely ignores the protests against the coup?

Media doesn’t ignore it. They even publish details about it: the $$ paid for ppl to protest, buses full of Bolivians to help in numbers, videos and photos of iron bars pro gov folks use as a form of intimidation, protest guidelines asking for more “suburban looking” (their words not mine) protesters…Etc etc. However I agree: it should not only be a few articles, it should be HIGHLIGHTED everywhere


and this folks, is why we say our media lies to everyone 

“Indeed, most of today’s largest media outlets – that appear respectable to outsiders – supported the 1964 military coup that ushered in two decades of rightwing dictatorship and further enriched the nation’s oligarchs. This key historical event still casts a shadow over the country’s identity and politics. Those corporations – led by the multiple media arms of the Globo organisation –heralded that coup as a noble blow against a corrupt, democratically elected liberal government. Sound familiar?“

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